Take Control of Your Shower Experience

Delta HydraChoice Body Sprays are built to make your customized dream shower a reality for the whole family. With 50° of adjustability in any direction, the pop-out body sprays can be angled to suit everyone, from the tallest in the household to the shortest and the seated. Designed with an easy-to-remove spray head, HydraChoice body sprays give you the freedom to change the style, spray pattern and pressure at any time.

Experience a truly customized shower experience that’s concentrated on you.

HydraChoice H2Okinetic Body Sprays Give You More

Prepare yourself for the feeling of more water with Delta HydraChoice H2Okinetic Body Sprays. The H2Okinetic spray crafts water into a unique wave pattern, giving you the feeling of more water without using more water, while the HydraChoice spray head provides 50° of adjustability for a truly customized shower experience.


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