Here are 6 shortcuts to a cleaner house:

1. Fill a Garbage Bag

Outdated computers, clothes that don’t fit, toys your kids haven’t touched in a year: There’s always stuff to toss or donate. So, instead of stressing about how to organize your belongings, clear them out for good.
Time needed: 45 minutes, plus time to haul out the trash or drive to the donation drop-off

2. Dust the TV Screen

That big black screen is a major dust magnet, and we’re guessing yours is in a prominent location. That means when you’re entertaining, guests will have a perfect view of your screen of shame, especially when the TV is turned off. Grab a dryer sheet or damp cloth and wipe.
Time needed: 2 minutes

3. Deep-Clean the Toilet

Put a heavy-duty solution into the bowl before you leave for work, let it sit while you’re gone, and flush when you get home. And you’ll have better things to do than struggle with a scrub brush.
Time needed: Less than a minute

4. Wash Your Shower Curtain

Both the shower curtain and the plastic liner can be washed in the machine and hung to dry back on their rings. Toss in a few small items like dishtowels or washcloths to help balance the load. (Don’t do this if your curtain is labeled “dry clean only.”)
Time needed: 10 minutes to take down and rehang curtains

5. Freshen up the Air

Want to make your place smell fresh without doing any cleaning at all? Place dryer sheets in strategic locations: under couch cushions, in hampers or wastebaskets, on closet shelves and in dresser drawers.
Time needed: 2 minutes

6. Clean a Few Windows

We know, we know: It’s the worst job of all! But we’re not suggesting lugging a ladder and squeegee to the second floor. Instead, choose a few strategic windows (like the one in your kitchen that gets great morning light), and wipe the inside panes with a glass-cleaning solution. You’ll be amazed how much lighter and brighter the room looks. If this housekeeping task still seems daunting, try doing one window every few days over the course of a month.
Time needed: About 15 minutes per window