Clear the clutter and keep things shipshape, from the sink to the shower

Life’s too short to have a messy bathroom. Start your new, more organized life today with these tips.

1. Toss out anything you don’t use. That five-step skin regimen seemed like such a great idea when you bought it, but the truth is, you never got beyond step two. Hello, garbage! (Or pass the bottles to a pal who loves that kind of thing.) Take a cold, hard, honest look around your bathroom and say “So long!” to other items you’ve lost interest in.

2. Make your medicine cabinet make sense. If you’re not using something daily, there’s no need to keep them front and centre in the cabinet. Store them and other infrequently used medicinal products in the linen closet or an under-the-sink drawer (secured with a childproof lock, if necessary). This will free up space in your newly organized medicine cabinet for the things you use every day, like toothpaste, shaving cream and makeup. Warning: This step declutters your countertop, too.

3. Stop thinking of the windowsill (or bathtub!) as a storage space. Nothing creates the ambience of a drugstore quicker than a sill or tub lined with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body scrub and lotion. A better idea: Keep your go-to products neatly organized and accessible in a caddy hung from over the showerhead or from shower-curtain hooks. Want a spa-like feel? Install wall-mount pumps for shampoo and other wash-time necessities.

4. Hook up your towels. If your single towel rack is as crowded as a highway at rush hour, you need more options. The bathroom floor isn’t one of them. Install additional racks behind the bathroom door (when it’s open they’ll be out of sight) or add robe hooks to an empty wall.

5. Hit the bottle. Stash small items like cotton swabs and tweezers in clear glass jars set on the counter or a shelf above the toilet bowl. Voila! A pretty element that’s also functional.