Ever wondered what it would be like if you had the power to sculpt water in the way you wish to? Well, now you have it.

At Delta, we think of new ways to use water every day to give you a more satisfying and comfortable bathing experience, made possible by our innovations and technology.

One of our innovations, the HydraChoice™ body sprays gives you the power to make your shower your own. Built with the capability of 50° of adjustability to suit all members of the family, Delta’s HydraChoice™ body sprays give you complete control of your shower experience.

The soothing, invigorating and massaging sprays in the HydraChoice™ body sprays are especially designed to make customized dream showers a reality for you and your family.

Equipped with 50° adjustability in any direction, the pop-out body sprays are made to adjust to suit everyone in your family, from the tallest to the shortest and the seated.

With Delta’s HydraChoice™ Body Sprays, you have the freedom to change the style, spray pattern and pressure of your showers according to your desires. What you get is a truly customized shower experience that’s concentrated on you!

H2Okinetic™ Technology

The water saving H2Okinetic™ Technology built into the HydraChoice™ body sprays, with its unique, high velocity wave pattern, creates a feeling of more water, without using more water.

So, all that pampering in the shower comes with a bonus of water saving and complete relaxation!

Come, experience water like never before.

See what Delta can do! http://deltafaucet.co.in/Innovations/HydraChoice