There’s something so soothing about a trip to the spa. From the pristine white towels to the calm-inducing sounds and smells, the environment is created to be as relaxing as possible. Coming home to your own bathroom can be a harsh change, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got some tips for making the space where you pamper at home just as relaxing as a fancy spa.

Indulge in flavoured hydrationIndulge in flavoured hydration

Many spas offer citrus- or cucumber-infused water when you arrive. Recreate this experience before you relax: Soak lemon, lime, strawberry or cucumber slices in chilled spring water. Do this the day before for maximum flavour. The water will keep you hydrated and promote good health.

Relax ALL your senses

A successful spa will appeal to all of your senses, not just what you see. Take a moment to consider what aromas you find most comforting; some good choices are lavender, vanilla and jasmine. Choose a room spray, a candle or an essential oil to diffuse — anything that reminds you of your favourite spa. Also think about what you hear. You might enjoy an app that plays the sound of crickets chirping, rain falling or waves crashing onto the shore. Then again, if you’re always surrounded by noisy traffic, kids and city sounds, silence might be in order.

Flaunt your towel presentation

Invest in some white high-quality bath towels — the fluffier, the better! And this time, fold them in half lengthwise and then roll them like the spa does. It may seem silly, but when you’re creating a spa experience at home, even the small touches matter. For a truly luxurious home-spa experience, add a plush microfiber bath mat to step onto after your bath.

Scrub off the stress

In addition to essential oils and candles, you’ll want to invest in a sugar or salt scrub to gently scrub away dead skin cells and give you that post-spa glow. Scrubs can be applied to the skin using your hands, a washcloth or even the skin of a citrus fruit. Massage into the skin to soften and to keep your skin healthy.

Get Steamy

A spa’s steam room can help soothe aching muscles and open up pores. To achieve this benefit at home, soak a hand towel in warm water and drape it on your face until it is cool to the touch (about 5 minutes). Proceed with your regular skin-cleansing regimen and gently pat your face dry. You’ll see a spa glow after just one steam treatment!