Nothing against stainless steel, but its days as the default finish for modern kitchens are numbered. Enter matte black: Smooth, slick and awesomely onyx, the finish has the austerity of metallic steel, but with a little less shine and a little more warmth. On a faucet—one that leans contemporary, like Fuse , the finish almost begs to be touched, and it adds some unexpected visual interest to the sink. Almost every modern kitchen looks good in an LBD (that’s little black Delta); here are six reasons to use one: : 

1. To highlight charcoal ribbons in a natural stone countertop


2. To starkly contrast a light backsplash/counter/sink combo


3. To make a hard stone backsplash look even tougher (while adding a little curve!)


4. To add some edge to cool-hued, organic-shaped tile


5. To create a focal point in a busy kitchen

6. To emphasize a patterned wall’s curvy print



S.R. Traders
5/9/2017 12:58:55 PM
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