Installing a window over the kitchen sink is a design default for many homebuilders. Having a view of nature while you’re washing dishes can be nice, but it’s not the only option for kitchen design. Perhaps there isn’t a beautiful view on the other side of the wall, or maybe you’d rather get more function out of the space above your kitchen sink. If you’ve been looking at this space and wondering how to make it more useful or attractive, we’ve got some ideas to share!

Island Paradise

A room with a view can be an appealing proposition, particularly if your kitchen sink is fixed in an island. This design allows you to face out into a room of family and friends instead of doing dishes with your back turned to them. This socially minded setup lends itself well to entertaining and continuing conversation while performing prep work or clean up chores. To make this space truly inviting, consider hanging stylish pendant lights over the counter. If cabinet space is at a premium, install a pot rack and show off your cookware. With an island sink, you can even supervise homework or craft time while you cook.

Storage Space

Speaking of needing more space, a solid wall above your kitchen sink can provide excellent storage. Consider illuminating your cabinet spaces with curio lights, or find some new ways to decorate your solid cabinet doors. Open-air shelves will need to be dusted and cleaned more frequently, so limit the items you put on them.

A Thing of Beauty

You’ll be spending a little time each day standing in front of your kitchen sink, so select something lovely to dazzle your gaze. Choose a work of art you love, a photograph of a relaxing scene or framed doodles from your children to decorate this space. These can be hung directly on the wall, or you can install a shelf or two. The space over the kitchen sink is also an excellent place to display beautiful but rarely used sterling silver, especially when it has been handed down from loved ones.

A kitchen sink without a window presents an opportunity for creative décor. When the view isn’t predetermined, you can really think about what you’d like to see while standing at the sink. Whether you’ve got a wide open space with a view to the TV (hello, cooking shows!) or a wall that would be perfect for your antique pottery, the area behind your kitchen sink is your canvas.

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