A great shower can make bathing, shaving and exfoliating a spa experience. But why limit your activities to the obvious? We came up with five other ideas for multitasking water-lovers.

1. Give yourself a facial.

You pore thing! Putting on a facial mask can be a messy job. But when you apply it in the shower, you’ll keep your clothes clean (you won’t be wearing any). Added benefit: All that steam will open up your pores. Apply the mask after you've been in the shower for a few minutes so that your skin will absorb the ingredients better. As you’re waiting for the mask to work, it’s the perfect time to shave or soap-up.

2. Water your plants.

Going green takes on new meaning, when you use a detachable handshower, like Delta Faucet’s In2ition®showerhead to water plants. Just plop them in the tub or shower, lift the handheld sprayer and show that flora some love (don’t forget the leaves). You won’t have to worry about spilling water on carpets or wood floors, but be sure the pots have stopped dripping before returning them to their rightful spots.

3. Relieve back and neck pain.

After a day of picking up small children or large packages, you're in pain. A hot shower, with sprays of water aimed at the precise stressed-out area, can help to relax the muscles that spasm and cause aches. (But do limit your shower time to 15 minutes—for water conservation as well as prune-skin avoidance.)

4. Wash Your Furry Kids

You’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re still hosing down your hound in the driveway. Lather him up in the tub or shower instead, using a gentle spray of lukewarm water. (Delta Faucet’s Palm® Shower, which you can control with one hand, could be the planet’s niftiest pet-washing device.) Be sure to lay down a rubber mat to avoid slips and spills.

5. Think creatively.

It’s no coincidence that some of your best ideas pop into your head when you’re in the shower. The steady stream of water relaxes your body and mind, and it distracts you from obsessing over a project, allowing creativity to unexpectedly flourish. So let your mind wander in the shower, and watch your genius flow!