You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, chatting, cooking and eating. You might even spend so much time there that you’ve become blind to things as they grow more and more outdated. Are you still rocking old curtains in your kitchen window? Do you have more countertop appliances than counter space? Does your kitchen just feel blah and make you want to leave the room?

If you’ve taken a look around and decided it’s time for a refresh, we’ve got some quick and easy ways to upgrade your kitchen. They don’t require much time or money, and you can do most of these in one afternoon. What have you got to lose?

Find Your Focus

Choose one thing that you love about your kitchen. Maybe it’s the funky cookie jar you inherited from your aunt. Or maybe it’s a sink so beautiful, it makes you want to sing. Whatever it is, let this be the happy inspiration for the rest of the items in your kitchen. Anything within sight that doesn’t make you happy should be stowed (if you still use it), donated (if someone else might) or trashed/recycled (if it’s broken).

Less Is More

Even the cleanest, most organized kitchen can become a dumping ground for school papers, recipes, books and the detritus of life. Take a few moments to find anything that has no business in the kitchen (i.e., it doesn’t involve cooking or eating), and then set it aside. You can give it a proper home later; for now, let’s keep our focus on the kitchen. Remove all countertop appliances and set them aside, then give the counters a good scrub.

Form Meets Function

Now that you can see all of your counter space, take a moment to think about how you cook. What utensils, tools and surfaces do you use most? If you’ve never noticed before, you might find that your most frequently used items are in places that make no sense. Keep your cutting boards within reach of your prep area. Make sure your most-used utensils are near your stove, in case you need to grab tongs or a different spoon.

Welcome Additions

The things that don’t belong are gone, and you’ve got everything right where you need it. Now it’s time to think about what you can add to the mix. Is there a tool that you’ve often wished you had but never bought, because you didn’t have room? With some extra space, you have room to add under-the-counter lighting or wine-glass storage. Treat yourself to something fancy that matches that cookie jar you love. You deserve it!